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This is a synopsis of the field rule violations by David Reed during the period 12 July 2001 to present.

1- At approximately 10:30AM on Thursday, July 12, 2001 Mr. Reed was observed attaching model rockets to his airplane, taking off, and after approximately 2 minutes, the rockets were fired. Mr. Reed landed, attached two more rockets to his plane and took off again. Only one rocket fired this time. Mr. Reed landed, fixed the wiring problem, took off again and fired the fourth rocket successfully.

2- On Sept. 3, 2001 Keith Klingebiel informed Mr. Reed that he was flying too low and fast over the runway which violated the Club Safety Code. Mr. Reed continued to fly in that manner until Keith had no recourse but to suspend Mr. Reed. It later turned out that the suspension didn't follow the Club's By Laws.

3- On Sept. 22, I again had to remind Mr. Reed to fly from flying inside the flight box.

4- Since his suspension, the following individuals have on at least one occasion warned Mr. Reed for continuing to violate the Safety Rules: Roger Thorne, Bert Matos, Jerry Richards, Keith Klingebiel, and Ray Benedict.

5- On November 28, 2001, I arrived at the field at approximately 8:45AM. There I met one Martin Garrity who has been visiting the field quite often during the current flying season. Martin informed me that I had missed quite a show. When I asked him to explain, he informed me that two flyers (he pointed to Mr. Reed and Mr. Tranchitella) had been flying all over the property. They had flown over his vehicle several times and that both the camouflaged fighter plane and the Red, Blue, and White one had even flown over the trailer several times. The camouflaged fighter model had only done it a few times, whereas the other one did it several times. I saw Officer Ray Fox there at the same time and went over and asked him if he had seen the same things. He, being a friend of both fliers, was a bit reluctant to admit he had seen the flights but as I reminded him of his duties as a police officer, I thought our positions somewhat similar and should have access to all the facts. He explained that they were flying like that because it was foggy but he did admit that they had both gone over the parking lot.

6- A tape recorded statement from Mr. Garrity regarding this event was secured. Said recording now is in one of the Club Officer's possession. Additional copies (dubbings) were also made.

7- On Monday November 26, 2001, I observed David Reed taxiing an airplane through the pits toward the fence. I approached him but knowing the airplane belonged to Mike Tranchitella, I spoke to Mike and explained it was a violation of the Safety Code. Mike replied by referring me to David, as he was the one flying the airplane. When I spoke with David, he produced a copy of the most recent newsletter with a statement highlighted in yellow. It states that taxiing in the pits is permissible. Obviously an error in transcribing from the minutes to the newsletter; both Mr. Reed and Mr. Tranchitella were so informed.

8- Sunday, December 2, 2001. This violation witnessed by Les Hamilton, relayed to Roger Thorne, entered in this log. Roger Thorne had arrived at the field with one Bic Green to take some aerial shots of the field using a commercial model R/C helicopter flown by Mr. Green. The shots would be placed in the Club's Web Page. During the course of the picture shoot, Les Hamilton showed up to fly. Roger and Bic took the pictures, closed up shop and left the field. According to Les, shortly after Roger left, David took off and proceeded to fly real low, real fast, and uncomfortably close to the flight stations. When approached by Les about the violation, David complained that Roger Thorne had flown a helicopter from the parking lot and the pilot had even walked out on the field. These facts are true but this was a commercial activity with Roger Thorne supervising the shoot.

9- Mr. Reed and Mr. Tranchitella feel the Field Marshal and Club Officers (specifically Roger Thorne) are singling them out for some reason. In a way, this is partially true but only because they continue to violate the Club Safety Code that I'm supposed to enforce. Other flyers committing violations have always been courteous when I've approached them and complied with the Code. Not so with Mr. Reed and Mr. Tranchitella.

Respectfully submitted: Bert P. Matos

10- Martin Garrity, 301-890-2442 owns a Metallic Red Ford Explorer SUV. License plate is GRETA 2 MD.
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