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Cuban by birth and extremely proud of my heritage and Family Name. Born in Sagua la Grande, L.V., CUBA November 19, 1944 at 3:00 A.M. I am also known by the nickname Guacho.
My parent's names: Idalberto W. Matos and Clara D. Cardenas. My brother's name is Mario (nickname is Kiki), sisters are Miriam and Clara (nicknamed Yuyi).-
We resided at 172 General Lee Street, flanked by two very nice but rabid communist neighbors, the Famous Tita Metralleta on one side and Nenguita on the other. Esperanza Guirola (may she Rest In Peace) had a way with injections that made the affair painless. What a woman she was, we miss her sorely to this day. She lived next to Nenguita and Chana and Family next door to Esperanza's.
Can't forget Valino and his "bodega" (a bit crooked in his measurements), the Dominguez Family and their "bodega" across Valino's and Trujillo's across Dominguez's.
Three "bodegas" (or corner stores as they would be called here in the States) within walking distance from the house. There were Silvio, Oria, Gregoria, Teresita Monzon and their families. All four families pro Castro as of the time I left Cuba.
I have been in the States since January 15, 1965. Lived in Miami through 1968 when I moved to the Washington, D.C. area where I now reside.-
Grandparents on Dad's side are Wenceslao Matos and Josefa Garcia. On my Mom's side: Porifirio Cardenas and Maria Elodia Lamadrid. May GOD in His Infinite Mercy grant all four of them along with my father, Aunt Delia and her husband Hermilo the Eternal Rest they so well deserve, after successfully completing their ardous journey in this material plane. May they Rest In Peace.-
To those from my hometown and or familiar with it, the above Oil Painting of our beloved Parroquia with part of the Parque Albarran's Glorieta in the foreground, will bring fond memories of the Golden Cuban Era, a glorious time long gone by.-
This painting is the creation of one of the most popular citizens of our small town. He is the legendary Emilio Mateu (Emilito as we all know him). He resides in Belleglade, Florida and even though he is getting up in years (aren't we all?) he still has the same ebullient and efervescent personality that has always been his trademark. We all love you Emilito and may GOD Bless you always.-

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