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As with the previous photos, these also are PUBLIC DOMAIN. Feel FREE to use them as you may see fit.

" Please scroll down to the Important Addendum Area for the Photos taken this morning 8-21-2000"

The house occupied by the Cuban Babalao where Elian Gonzalez spent Father's Day 2000 was vacated in a hurry by its occupants Wednesday August 2, 2000 after having been paid a visit from an "operative" who arrived at the residence late Saturday afternoon in a Lincoln automobile bearing New Jersey license plates.

Who this person is remains a mistery to this writer, but it is obvious that he carried orders to move the "host" of Elian's Fathers Day 2000 shindig out in a hurry. The visitor left late Sunday and soon after, the "occupants" began their move as quickly and stealthilly as possible. He was dressed in Vivid Red from head to toes (red head dress), which is curious considering that some in the Santeria community have tried to distance themselves from this person. To those familiar with Santeria the red garb will have tremendous significance since it is the color assigned to the Yoruban Deity known as Chango. Is anyone going to deny the involvement of Castro's dictatorship with Santeria now? I don't think they can anymore!
One more thing, before the "visitor" left, they were discussing Elian's case in such loud voices that I couldn't help but overhearing them from my location in the backyard (they were at the front of their house). This fact in itself proves that Santeria was involved in this affair from the the get go.

These people left in such a hurry that all they carried with them was their personal clothing. All of the house's contents were placed on the sidewalk and center divider by either the proprietor of the dwelling or the Santero's Family by Tuesday evening. Passersby were having a field day taking with them as much as they could, and this included furniture, desks, chairs, tables, bedding, Golf Club Sets, tons of loose golf clubs in trash bags, etc. The leftovers were removed by a cleaning crew either paid by the owner of the house, the renters, the County or the Cuban Interests Section in Washington D.C., and it took three large dump trucks and a pickup to just remove the leftovers.

What follows are photos taken in a hurry in the final moments of the removal of the leftovers by a cleaning/removal crew and a sign (obtained thanks to the marvels of Telephoto Lens technology) was posted from the inside of the living room window. My camera's batteries were not charged and by the time I got there, the event was almost over. I believe that having served his usefulness in this area, the man was moved to another city within the USA or perhaps ordered back to Cuba since the faces of his sons as well as his were captured on film and published all over the newsmedia (both printed, televised as well as through the Web). Those photos are included here (last two) as well as they remain located in the second page of the original Page created the day of the Father's Day fiasco. Good riddance I say, I hope these Castro's spies are back in the worker's paradise from which so many are fleeing on a daily basis. They deserve no less than to rot under the boot of that Infernal system.

The amazing thing is that these characters were living in a house protected by the Department of American Veterans Affairs, and also that during the day, the Santero was an employee of the Montgomery County Government while at the same time him and his family were serving Castro's government. Talk about travesties, while some are unemployed, these "characters" were drawing salaries for the Local Government.

One final comment offered by a very good friend of mine who works for the N.S.A. Are the dot patterns on the File Cabinet drawers some sort of a code to indicate what was contained within each one of them? He seems to believe they are.

Partial View of the left overs. Notice how carelessly the stuff was placed all over
Vista parcial de lo que dejaron por detras. Fijense en la forma en que dejaron todo

More of the same
Otra foto de los muebles

Matresses, bedding, tables
Colchones, mesas, articulos de recamara

Photo taken through a Telephoto lens of the sign posted from the inside of the window
Foto tomada a traves de un Lente Telefoto indicando el letrero que puso el dueno de la casa dentro de la ventana de la sala

Left overs not taken by the "removal/cleanup" crew. Are the dotted patterns on the drawers some kind of code?
Un gabinete de oficina que no removieron los basureros. Habran sido las marcas en las gavetas algun tipo de codigo?

Juan Miguel with Camcorder (the two young men in the foreground are the Santero's sons). They are the one wearing a plaid, sleeveless shirt & holding a baby. The other one is immediatelly behind him wearing a gray T-Shirt with a design ironed on the front of it and also wearing eye glasses
Juan Miguel tomando peliculas de su hijo y su esposa (los dos hombres que se ven en la parte frontal de la foto son hijos del Santero). El que tiene una camisa de cuadros sin mangas y esta cargando un bebe es uno de ellos. El otro es el que le sigue detras con una camiseta gris y usando espejuelos

The man being at pointed by the arrow is the "host" of the Santeria shindig
La flecha NEGRA indica el "anfitrion" del "Evento Santero"

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They have added two more signs to the inside of the living room window of the house. Interesting to note that the house is claimed to be the Property of the U.S. Government in the Custody of the Department of Veterans Affairs Office. Why so many WARNINGS? What does the Department of Veterans Affairs has to do with this dweling? Pardon me for sounding paranoid, but something reeks of collusion here. Was the Santero or anyone in the house a Cuban Diplomat? If so, wasn't the Atlanta Court of Appeals order of keeping Elian away from Diplomatic Facilities violated by the Justice Department/Janet Reno, the I.N.S./Doris Meissner, the U.S. Marshals Service and the Clinton/Gore Administration? Someone with better resources than I should investigate this matter in depth and expose the people involved in this shenanigan. The Photos found below were taken today, August 21, 2000 at 9:35 A.M. from the sidewalk in front of the house at 12719 Connecticut Avenue in Silver Spring, MARYLAND where an "OPEN HOUSE" was held yesterday by the Realtor.


Sign Stating the House as being the Property of the U.S. Government
Letrero que dice que esa casa es Propiedad del Gobierno Estadounidense

Another shot of the same 'sign' (notice the style of the # 7, just like in Europe, Latin America & Cuba)
Otra foto del letrero (noten como escribieron el numero siete, como se escribe en Europa, America Latina y Cuba)

Another photo taken from the sidewalk (no telephoto lens in use) showing the house number
Otra foto de la casa que demuestra el numero de ella (tomada desde la acera sin el uso del lente telefoto)

The type of "things" Santeria practitioners dropped at my sister's house steps (a brown egg with red & black pellets and some other "things"). And some of them are still claiming that the occupant of the house was not a Santeria Babalao. What are these things if not witchcraft?
El tipo de "regalito" que los Santeros han estado echando a la puerta de la casa de mi hermana. En este caso es un huevo "criollo" con peonias rojas y negras y varias cosas mas. Y todavia algunos de ellos tienen la osadia de negar de que este sujeto es uno de los miembros de la comunidad Santera Cubana en esta area

One of three signs posted along the median divider of the block on Conn. Ave. where the house is located, advertising its Sale (Photo taken Sunday 8-27-2000 at 3:53 P.M.)
Uno de los tres letreros anunciando la Venta de la Casa en la cuadra donde esa se encuentra (Foto tomada el Domingo 8-27-2000 a las 3:53 P.M.)


From a Book Entitled 'THOUGHTS' by Cuban Patriot JOSE MARTI Comes This, His Thought on Socialism:

"Socialist ideology, like so many others, has two main dangers. One stems from confused and incomplete readings of foreign texts, and the other from the arrogance and hidden rage of those who, in order to climb up in the world, pretend to be frantic defenders of the helpless so as to have shoulders on which to stand."
Jose Marti

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