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Sunday, June 18, 2000

Due to the large amount of photos taken, they have been split into two groups. The links at the bottom (as well as the ones on the top of this page) will take you to the rest of them. I always carry my camera with me and that Sunday was no exception; it certainly came in handy that fateful day.

Although in some of these photos Elian's sadness is very apparent, you will notice the Cuban Interests Section "operatives" enjoying themselves to the fullest. Elian's face, however, bears an expression of deep sadness that only he knows; his father on the other hand was having a grand old time. Everyone was fully aware (including the U.S. Marshals Service Officers who saw me with my camera) of the photography session going on. In some of the photos, the subjects posed for the cameras, including those of the A.P. and commented that they were going to be on TV and the Newspapers, so no one can state that there was any "invasion of privacy" taking place there. A chain link fence does not offer any privacy, and the picket fence visible in some of the photos is my sister's not the neighbors, and has been in place to protect our guests since the time the neighbors acquired a mean rottweiler as a pet. There were countless photographers, some as far as half a block away with powerful telephoto lenses. The participants of this event were fully aware of all of the cameras (including mine) and the U.S. Security Forces did not try to disuade any one from either demonstrating or taking pictures. Anyone suggesting "invasion of privacy" on a backyard is just deluding him or herself.

Please feel free to use the photos on these two pages as you may see fit. These photos are PUBLIC DOMAIN, and yours truly Qbanrum, their sole owner, authorize their FREE USE by anyone in order to further Elian's cause. In photo number four, Elian can be seen through the bushes and to the left of the man holding a box. While most of the kids played in the backyard of the house, Elian was not allowed to be in the backyard for anymore than a few minutes at a time. Even though he tried to get out several times, he was prevented from so doing.

In photo number nine it can be appreciated to the left of the Central AC unit, what appears to be a Gargoyle/Gnome like small statue (it measures approximately 7 inches in height). It was identified in 1995 by a Cuban Babalao from New Jersey as an Eleggua, the Opener of All Roads. This Statue used to be located by the main entrance on the steps leading to the front door of the house on Connecticut Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland. The house is occuppied by a Babalao and his family. As previously stated, this figure was identified in 1995 by a Cuban Babalao from New Jersey as Eleggua (or Elegba as some others refer to this Deity). I would have to believe his statement as being correct since he is a Santeria practitioner and saw it close-up (less than a foot away from it) when he went to visit the house; where as in my case I was more than 25 feet away from its location. Its facial features are definitely African in nature, not Asian or Indian as has been suggested.

On Wednesday the 23rd. of June I was called by Mr. Carlos D'Mant of "La Poderosa" Radio Station in Miami to request an interview from me "On Air" for Thursday, to relate the chain of events on Father's Day. I called the Station at the specified time (I was told to call collect between 7:15 P.M. and 7:30 P.M.) next day and the interview proceeded without a hitch.

I called the day after the interview and asked to speak to Mr. D'Mant in order to request a copy of the program where I had been interviewed the previous day. Without being given an inkling that I would be going "Live On Air" at that time (Fiday June the 23rd at around 4:18 P.M.), without even requesting my permission to do so I had what I believed to be a private talk with Mr. D'mant for about three minutes; I was then confronted by a Mr. Pichardo, who identified himself as an Oriate with the Miami Cuban Santeria Community. At that moment I was "made aware" I was "ON AIR" by Mr. D'Mant, Mr. Pichardo insisted to personally "know" all of the Santeros in the Washington D.C. area and that the man in question was not known to him. I can assure Mr. Pichardo that there are many Santeros in the Greater Washington, DC area that are not known to him or to many others. There is no such thing as a Santeria Registry for each city or area in this Country or anywhere in the world. It is an absurd and ridiculous notion to believe that every Santero knows every other Santero. It is an absolute impossibility, period. Especially in a Country as large as the U.S. where there are thousands of Santeros; I can name three Washington, DC area Santeros who were initiated in Cuba back in the '50s & '60s and I am positive that Mr. Pichardo won't be familiar with any one of them, much less "know" them. None of the three have ever mentioned his name in my presence, although they mention the names of several other Santeros here in the States. None of them has ever claimed to know all the Santeros in the DC area either although they have lived in this area for over 30 years. Let's face it, if a Santero is at the service of the Castro dictatorship and he is "outed" the thing to do for the rest of the Santeria Community is to deny that such person belongs to their group and then try to put as much distance between them and the "OUTED" Santero as possible.

Mr. D'Mant suggested that the man in question could very well be one of those charlatans wich abound all over the place, he was told by this writer that it was possible but highly doubtful, although I, myself would not call the man in question a charlatan. He has been living in that rented house for over eight years and most of the people who have visited that house are Santeria Priests and the Cuban Diplomats. Mr. Pichardo (the Santeria Oriate in Miami) was also told by this writer that just because he did not know this man personally, it did not mean this man was not a Santero or didn't exist. I can assure you that if someone in this country doesn't desire to be found or identified, such person can accomplish that task very easily. A perfect example of this is the FBI's famous Ten Most Wanted List, many of the people on it have been there for well over ten years and haven't been found yet. A Santero at Castro's service would act the same same as a spy, remain undercover at all costs. In this case however, his cover has been blown, period.

Mr. Pichardo and Mr. Carlos D'Mant both, were forwarded copies of the photo enlargement (Via E Mail) of the Santeria Statue and a request for the expert's comments was made. The enlargement has also been added to this page for your viewing and evaluation. As of this afternoon (6-26-2000 at 10:50 P.M.) I have received no reply from Mr. D'Mant regarding this photo.

Mr. Pichardo also spoke of a "unsigned letter" reportedly coming from Cuba through "clandestine channels" and widely circulated among Catholics (according to him) in which it is stated that once Elian is returned back to Cuba, he will be offered as a Santeria Sacrifice (?). The impression I gathered from Mr. Pichardo's statement is that of an existing "Vast Roman Catholic Church Conspiracy" or character assassination against Santeria, in which only by having the U.S. Roman Catholic Church by keeping Elian here and under their "protection", it's widely believed that they would "save" Elian from being "sacrificed" once he is back in Cuba (?). Castro's regime has been rumored to have had vinculations to Santeria going as far back as 1961, when I was still living in Cuba. Santeros were boasting about the fact they were protecting the revolution against "Yankee Imperialism". So if there is a rumor going around regarding the ties between Castro and Santeria, it is a very old one at that and it was "started" by the Santeros themselves in Cuba a long time ago to further their cause. It is possible that some elements in the Catholic Church saw an opportunity and grabbed it to further their agendas. I know I haven't seen or read the "letter" mentioned by Mr. Pichardo and since it is "unsigned" no one can tell who the author of it may be. It could very well be Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Baptist or even emanate from the Santeria ranks itself in order to gain simphathy for their Religion or to further their own agendas (whatever these may be). At this point in time and having seen what I have seen, I will not trust anyone's version of any events but the ones that I witness myself, period. I don't care if they are Catholics, Santeros or whatever. Mr. Pichardo went as far as stating that the "most important" newspapers in the USA reported the existence of this "letter", including the Washington Post (to which I subscribe). I have never read anything of the sort on the Post, although it doesn't mean that just because I did not see it or read it, it wasn't there.

If there is any truth to the statement made by Mr. Pichardo regarding Catholics, I would only say that it is not fair for Elian Gonzalez to be used by Catholics to further the hatred they may feel for any other religions. The only reason the Santeria/Cuban Government Officials connection is mentioned here is because the Castro Regime has vehemently denied (and continues to do so to this day) any involvement with Santeria, yet their highest officials in Washington, DC attended a "party" at a Santero's home on Father's Day 2000 where "live" Santeria music was being played and people were dancing to it. That is an undeniable and incontrovertible FACT because I as well as countless others witnessed the function and heard the deafening noise of the African Drums and the Yoruban Chants used in Santeria Rituals. Castro's regime has vehemently denied some other acussations and crimes against humanity in the past, charges which in the end were found to be truthful. Shame on those using Elian to further their "agendas", whatever these "agendas" may be.

After awhile, I was told by Mr. D'Mant of "La Poderosa" that I would be put on hold for a "commercial break", and though most commercial breaks have a normal duration of two to five minutes, I waited for over ten minutes before I hung up and called back, I was put on hold once again when I identified myself and asked for Mr. D'mant. Five minutes lapsed and when I called for a third time I was told that Mr. D'Mant was not available (?). The four times I have called "La Poderosa" it has been at my own expense, even though Mr. D'Mant had specifically told me to call him collect. In every instance when the operator tried to do so, they were told the numbers were not authorized to take any incoming collect calls. Mr. D'Mant, why did you ask me to call you collect when you knew full well neither number would accept collect calls? I do not appreciate being lied to and misled the way I was by your statements regarding the phone calls, much less being put "On Air" Friday afternoon without being asked if I was willing to do so first. You failed to secure my permission to put me "ON AIR" last Friday, whereas you had requested it the night before I went ON AIR the first time which was on your "program". Mr. D'Mant, your motives are very suspicious in nature and your actions very suspect also. No wonder American citizens call Miami's Little Havana section a "Banana Republic", the actions of many in the Cuban community doesn't inspire any confidence in our ability to be truthful. Why lie?

In the end, I have concluded that nobody gives a rat's tail about this poor kid, he is just the "in" thing to broadcast and talk about nowadays. With the exception of a few publications, TV Stations and Internet Related Sites everyone has gotten in for the ratings. A sad set of circumstances and I really feel sorry for Elian's predicament. Is it any wonder that the vast majority of Americans despise us Cubans, and everything we stand for? Fellow Cubans, we are doing this to ourselves not the other way around. We are our own worst enemy; Americans do not love Fidel Castro, what they hate is the abhorrent and bizarre behavior some of us exhibit some of the time. Haven't we learned anything yet? We can't even be honest with each other, yet we have the audacity of demanding honesty from everybody else. Who in hell do we think we are? By acting the way we do we are playing right into Castro's hands.

This Page was done for Elian's benefit, not mine nor anybody else's. I am not making any money from this endeavor, which stands in stark contrast to what countless others are so shamelessly doing at this kid's expense. PUBLIC DOMAIN, means FREE of charge. This is not about religious wars (Catholicism versus Santeria) although Castro's regime has been denying any involvement with Santeria for over 37 years now. This is not about radio and or TV ratings either, this is about Elian's fate, period. He visited a Santero's house on Father's Day and THAT IS AN IRREFUTABLE FACT. That Live Santeria Music was being played and some of those in attendance were dancing to it, IT IS A FACT ALSO. Was a ceremony being conducted inside the house at that time? Since I was not inside I can't tell you anything regarding that aspect of the event. All I did was to take pictures of the events outside the house with the full knowledge of everyone involved and then post them along with my commentary as soon as possible. I will not retract any of the comments I have made because I was there and saw what I saw with my own two eyes and heard what I heard with my own two ears. This article is not hearsay, I witnessed the entire thing. Neither Mr. Pichardo nor anyone else in the Santeria community will make me deny what I know happened there or rectract any of the comments made by yours truly.

One more thing regarding the "La Poderosa" Radio Station in Miami; if I had known what would happen before hand, I would have never gone along with their "scheme" which was to raise their ratings at Elian's expense. Shame on those who are blowing this event out of proportion in order to profit from his misfortune. This child has not even been able to grieve the loss of his loving mother, yet he finds himself in the middle of this tug of war and is being used by everyone in sight just to make money and promote themselves and their agendas. My only goal has been to show the world how "happy" Elian really is, and have done so at my own expense, on my own time and at my own risk. Any one of the photos where Elian is found speak volumes of his "happiness". As it stands right now, there is a very good possibility that Elian will pass from the front page newsmedia this coming Wednesday, I hope I have been able to contribute in some small way to show the world his plight. This page will remain up and running indefinitely.

One final comment, if Elian was spending Father's Day at the "official residence of a Cuban diplomat" as reported by CBS Affiliate Channel 9 here in the D.C. area Sunday night in their 11:00 P.M. News program, then the U.S. Marshals Service was (and is) in direct violation of the orders issued by the 11th. District Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia which "forbids Elian to be taken to any diplomatic facility while the appeals are in progress".
Either way, someone will have a lot of explaining to do regarding this "outing". Is this man not only a Santero but a Castro Operative in disguise? Is he a "diplomat"? Is this house covered buy diplomatic immunity? If not, why the yellow Police Line tape which prevented the protesters and private American citizens from even walking by the service road let alone the sidewalk?

Some friends have warned me to be on the look out for what the Cuban Goon Squad from Washington, DC may try to do to me, members of the family and our personal property. To the Cuban Interests Section's Goon Squad goes this WARNING: Should any unexpected calamity befall any or all of the above mentioned, U.S. citizens who happen to be very good friends of mine and are U.S. Government employees (not related to the Clinton misadministration in any way, shape or form) have been forewarned and will know exactly where to begin digging for evidence in order to nail you. This is the U.S.A. not Cuba, you won't be able to get away with the shenanigans you get away with in Cuba, enough said. You won't get away by doing to me what your "thugs" did to that peaceful group of Cuban Americans who were protesting in front of the Cuban Interests Section located at 2630 16th Street N.W. in Washington, D.C. and who were severely beaten by your so called "diplomats". The record of your atrocities is becoming widespread public knowledge and the more you misbehave (and I am positive that you will) the worse off you will look.

FOOTNOTE: Mr. Pichardo replied to my e mail on 6-26-2000 and offered his personal comments of the item in question of being either Dominican or Indomexican, not African. Based on the the poor resolution photo of the figure, a better shot showing its African facial features and obtained since the first one was sent, was e mailed to his address. It is the same close-up photo now included on this page (there are two of them). He also stated in his e mail that he would be going to La Poderosa on 6-26-2000 to dispell the half truths disseminated about his Religion. He also told me that on the previous Friday he had not been warned that I would be "On Air" much less that I would debate him. I believe what Mr. Pichardo has told me because it is the same pattern of behavior used against me that same day by the station employees. I assure you I will not waste my time or money by calling that "outfit" ever again.

His translated written statement regarding Juan Miguel & Santeria follow, both in English and his original text in Spanish: 'In other words, if Elian was participating in a Bembe, it was his fatherís right to make that decission. Politically we could say that Cuba was changing if the communists were participating in a Bembe'.
'Es decir, si seria sierto que Elian participo en un bembe es el derecho de su padre hacer esa decision. Politicamente se pudiera decir que Cuba esta cambiando ya que los mismos comunistas estan en un bembe'. A rather peculiar commentary coming from an "anti Castro" Cuban Santeria Oriate, especially in light of the events of Father's Day 2000.
Mr. Pichardo also said he believed that I was not part of the conspiracy against Santeria that has been "running" since January and that it was unfortunate that I had been used by the "forces" behind it. I am satisfied that he realizes I am not part of any conspiracy, but as I have stated before, what I had to say has been said and I will not retract one word out of it. I saw what I saw, heard what I heard and have reported it accordingly. I was there, the ones that are critical of my comments were not. The Babalao from New Jersey (someone who knows his Religion) saw the figure from less than a foot away and identified it as Eleggua in 1995, not as a Dominican or Indomexican statue as Mr. Pichardo stated based on the review of first photo he was sent. If anyone in the Santeria community is offended by these comments, I must and will say that the statements (mine as well as others) are truthful. Just as are the photos of the Santeria Statue. As of today 6-28-2000 10:37 a.m. I have gotten no reply from him regarding the better resolution photo(s).

Front view of the house located at 12719 Connecticut. Ave., Silver Spring, MD (A.P. Photographer in foreground)
Vista frontal de la casa del Santero, localizada en el 12719 de la Connecticut Avenue en Silver Spring, Maryland

Elian carrying a cardboard box. Stark contrast to his days in Miami
Elian con una caja de carton. Que diferente a su vida en Miami

Elian being escorted, (notice the Pistol on the guard's belt) something he never needed while in Miami. Is he in more danger now than when in Miami?
Elian es escoltado, (observen la PISTOLA en el cinto de la mujer Policia) algo que Elian nunca necesito en Miami. Que peligro puede correr Elian aqui?

Elian being sent back to the house (he is partially hidden by the bushes)
A Elian se le ordena que entre a la casa

E. Vazquez from the C.A.N.F. and R. Miro
E. Vazquez de la Fundacion Nacional Cubano Americana y R. Miro

Juan Miguel's wife, child and the baby's nanny (she was the one caring for him)
La esposa de Juan Miguel, su nino y la ninera

Elian and friend going back into the house
Elian y su amiguita (o prima) entran a la casa otra vez

Cuban Interests Section "operative"
Operativo de la Seccion de Intereses Cubanos

Santeria Statue in front of Central A.C. unit
Estatua de Santeria directamente en frente del Acondicionador de Aire

Santeria Statue close up, moved out of the way for repairs to A.C. unit
La misma estatua mas de cerca

Another close up shot of Santeria Statue showing its African facial features
Foto de la misma figura donde muestra mejor sus caracteristicas Africanas no Indues o Asiaticas como ha sugerido el Sr. Pichardo, Oriate de la Santeria en Hialeah, Florida

Juan Miguel's wife and child being escorted into U.S. Government vehicle
La esposa de Juan Miguel y su hijo son escoltados al vehiculo del Gobierno Estadounidense

Juan Miguel carries Elian into the same vehicle
Juan Miguel lleva cargado a Elian hacia el mismo vehiculo

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Elian was removed from our midst with the aid of the U.S. Government. The defenseless six-year-old boy has been returned to the only Stalinist totalitarian tyrant in the Western Hemisphere, with the full support and cooperation of an unprincipled U.S. President and the grotesque, condemnable, assistance of an Attorney General who has shown that her incompetence is outweighed only by her hypocrisy and her callousness. Take note of this event America, it can happen to anyone of us. It has been proven first by the Branch Davidian's affair at Waco, and now by the Elian Gonzalez's case.

Update 6-29-2000: Although it hasn't been 24 hours since Elian's return to Cuba yet, Cuban National Radio and Television Stations broadcasts state that Elian will remain at the "halfway" house he was taken to last night until he is turned into a "model citizen". These ominous statements coming from the horse's mouth is exactly what Castro's daughter Alina said would happen to him if he was returned to Castro. The block where the house is located in Havana has been sealed shut and security is extremely high. Is Castro afraid that the Miami relatives may try and rescue Elian from his clutches? Why are these extreme measures been taken? Is Elian resisting their attempts at brainwashing? Elian's blood will be on the hands of all those involved in his return to the tyrant, including all the ones that applauded and cheered on the U.S. Government's decission to have done so and the so called "religious" organizations behind this charade. May GOD have mercy on you all. GOD doesn't take lightly to those who use His Holy Name and Cause to help a tyrant ensalve his fellow human beings.

P.S. As of 7-5-2000 both my site and computer have been under attack by "unseen" forces. Try as hard as you may (whoever you are), the truth will always prevail and you won't stop this page from staying up on the Web or I from speaking against injustice. Thank you and good luck, you will need it more than I.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
APPENDIX: The following information was received by this site (7-8-2000) via e mail. It is lifted from an article by Agustin Blazquez and it is included here to alert everyone as to why some of the "political leaders" acted the way they did.

According to official U.S. sources and academic studies, the former Soviet Union-built Lourdes espionage station near Havana poses a threat to the U.S. Introduced in the House of Representatives on March 29, 2000, the Russian-American Trust and Cooperation Act of 2000 (H.R.4118) Section 2. Findings, paragraph (8) states: this facility "is being used to collect personal information about U.S. citizens in private and government sectors, and offers the means to engage in cyberwarfare against the United States." Is this facility providing Castro blackmail material on U.S. politicians, influential citizens and news media people?

If Serrano and other Americans have any doubt to whom EliŠn belongs, they just have to read the Cuban Communist Constitution and listen to Luis FernŠndez, a "diplomat" at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, D.C. who said, "He [EliŠn] is a possession of the Cuban government. No other entity can remove this." According to J. Michael Waller and Jamie Dettmer of the Insight Magazine, FernŠndez was identified as one of the attackers of the group of peaceful demonstrators outside the Cuban "diplomatic" section last April 14 in Washington DC.

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the U.S. It is affiliated with the Socialist International. Fifty-four U.S. Congressmen are members of the DSA. Coincidentally (?), 34 of these "socialists" are among the most militant members of the pro-Castro lobby. To name just a few, on Capitol Hill we find in the pro-Castro gang Representatives Barney Frank (D-MA), Jim McGovern (D-MA), Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC-AL), Jesse Jackson (D-IL), Julian C. Dixon (D-CA), James A. McDermott (D-WA), Charles Rangel (D-NY), Maxine Waters (D-CA), etc.

All of them have been faithfully executing the orders of their tyrant-in-chief "unleashing a battle for" EliŠnís return to Castro. They are the dependable, fanatical and vociferous taxpayer-paid pro-Castro crowd on Capitol Hill. Many of them have participated in press conferences and interviews promoting the tyrantís crusade. By their actions they have condemned an innocent 6-year-old child to a life of abuse in the hands of Castroís infamous psychiatric re-education facilities to eradicate from him the taste of freedom he experienced before being illegally kidnapped under false pretences by Clinton-Renoís Gestapo-like troops to ultimately being sent back to Cuba.

Washingtonís James McDermot, is a fanatical supporter of Castro and the infamous Venceremos Brigades which in the 60s and 70s brought thousands of American students to Cuba under the guise of cutting sugar cane. But these Americans students also received indoctrination so that in the future (we are now seeing the results) they would help the Castro regimeís campaign in the U.S. to favor his goals and serve as access to economic, political and military intelligence. These Venceremos Brigade graduates have effectively infiltrated the foundations of our society. There are unconfirmed rumors that Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 70s was a Venceremos Brigade graduate. If that is true, we have at least one of them very close to the president.

New Yorkís Charles Rangelís love affair with Castro dates back to 1959, when Castro stayed at Harlemís Hotel Theresa and Rangel sat beside him at the dinner table. Ever since he has been the useful servant and he travels to Cuba often bringing members of the U.S. Congressís Black Caucus and TransAfrica to marvel at the socialist "paradise," that his friend, Castro - probably the biggest slave master in the history of slavery - has created in Cuba.

Apparently Rangel and company couldnít care less about the reigning apartheid in Cuba and that their black Cuban brothers are, at 80%, overpopulating Castroís jails and labor camps and they are hardly in important positions in that socialist utopia. I do not have any recollection of Rangel and company protesting the gross institutional violations of human rights in Cuba, including against the many black pro-democracy activists and independent journalists in Cuba. Rangel and company, in their constant meddling in Cuban affairs and actions of support for the Castro regime, in their myopic view, do not want to meet any of the black political prisoners and harassed activists inside Cuba.

Another faithful servant of slave master Castro is Californiaís Representative Maxine Waters who has worked actively on his behalf in detriment of the most famous innocent 6-year old in the world. Rep. Waters travels to Cuba often, apparently for guidance or orders from her socialist comrades. She recently was in Havana cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony of a Medical Convention with Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA).

Waters is siding with Fidel, because she apparently is repaying his favor of hiding for her a former Black Panther convicted of murder in the U.S. On September 29, 1998, Rep. Waters wrote a "Dear President Castro" letter saying, "I, and some of the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, mistakenly voted for House Concurrent Resolution 254 which called on the Government of Cuba to extradite to the United States Joanne Chesimard and all other individuals who have fled the United States from political persecution [!] and received political asylum in Cuba. Joanne Chesimard was the birth name of a political activist known to most Members of the Congressional Black Caucus as Assata Shakur."

Chesimard, AKA, Shakur, a militant member of the Black Panthers was not politically prosecuted in the U.S., rather she was a convicted killer of New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster, who was murdered execution-style in a turnpike shootout in 1973. She also wounded his partner. She was not a civil rights leader but a convicted murderer and one of New Jersey's 12 most wanted fugitives widely sought by various government and law enforcement agencies. She escaped from prison in 1979 and surfaced in Cuba in the 1980s where she has been living since. In her September 1998 letter Rep. Waters encouraged Castro not to extradite her and the other criminals hiding from U.S. justice in Cuba. That speaks volumes about a member of Congress!

Also among the crowd of influential and puzzling Americans that have worked so hard to push Castroís agenda in the U.S. we have Senator Christopher Dodd, who on May 11, 1999 was heavily criticized in an article written by Angel Pablo Polanco. As an independent journalist living in Cuba, Polanco says, "Senator Dodd is not interested in the reality of the Cuban people, he is interested only in business." He and his followers show "disloyalty to the principles of freedom."

The now jailed black human rights activist Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet expressed "consternation" for the statements made by Dodd in relation to the lifting of the U.S. embargo published on April 27, 1999 in Miamiís El Nuevo Herald. A document released by the Lawton Human Rights Foundation in Cuba, founded by Dr. Bicet, says, "The communist system is the source and cause of the Cubansí hardship. The people suffer under the communist boot. Communism is the new slavery. The lifting of the embargo must be conditioned to the respect of the human rights, freedom of all political prisoners, a multi-party system and free elections, this is a matter of principles not business."

But, apparently, principles are lacking from Castroís U.S. fan club. As we see, the above-mentioned and others unmentioned (including the National Council of Churches, Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, the United Methodist Church, Pastors for Peace, Randall Robinson, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ramsey Clark, Jane Fonda, Greg Craig and many prominent members of the media like Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, Bryant Gumble, Gerardo Rivera, Ted Turner, Lucia Newman, etc.) reveal by their actions their part in the infestation of Castroís cockroaches.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Qbanrum's humble comments:
Is it any wonder that all of these politicians buckled under Castro's pressure and insisted in returning Elian to Cuba regardless of the consequences to the innocent boy? As I have stated before, the perpetrators will have to answer to a much Higher Authority when their appointed hour comes. That One, won't be fooled by the politicians smooth talk and He won't forgive the use of His Holy Name and Church by so called "religious" groups which claim to be doing his "work" when in reality their deeds clearly show the opposite to be the truth.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From a Book Entitled 'THOUGHTS' by JOSE MARTI Apostle of Our Freedom and Cuban Patriot Comes This, His Thought on Socialism:

"Socialist ideology, like so many others, has two main dangers. One stems from confused and incomplete readings of foreign texts, and the other from the arrogance and hidden rage of those who, in order to climb up in the world, pretend to be frantic defenders of the helpless so as to have shoulders on which to stand."
Jose Marti

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